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Maryam SarreshtehComment
How to Mix Patterns Without Looking Like A Clown Barfed Out Your Outfit

  1. Don’t be afraid, this is a fun way to experiment without trying anything too experimental!
  2. Other fashion rules still apply. Don’t forget about fit, color, and layering rules.
  3. Stay with complementing colors, or colors in the same range. This keeps the patterns working together instead of fighting for attention, a necessary balance for a polished look. 
  4. You can use bold color mixes to make this an even more daring adventure. An easy mix would be a bright floral skirt with a bold striped top. 
  5. Do not mix two clothing pieces with the same pattern, this is really the most important trick to not looking like a clown who haphazardly put things together.
  6. You can mix anything with stripes, black and white especially!

That’s it. Easy as one-two-six!

Check out these awesome examples below and then go and make your own!