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Maryam SarreshtehComment
Phoebe Philo is a British fashion designer and the current Creative Director of Céline. Philo was previously well known for her work at design house, Chloé. She is most famously known for setting trends since her days at Chloé all the way to today with her followers at Céline, known as Philophiles.
Philo graduated from Central Saint Martins in 1996. Those times weren’t the most prosperous for Philo, financial issues were prominent, small things such as the electricity bill could barely be afforded. She began working for Chloé in 1997 as Stella McCartney’s design assistant later succeeding her as Creative Director in 2001. When McCartney left Chloé to create her own label and Philo stayed on as creative director, the fashion press was obsessed about the status of their relationship. Were they still friends? The answer has never been clear but the most popular answer seems to be no, supposedly because McCartney was disappointed when Philo didn’t follow her to her own label. Philo won’t discuss it, but one cant help but compare it to a fashion’s version of the Beatles own drama, Philo being cast as John against McCartney as her dad. For five years, Philo was responsible for some of the ‘It’ items produced by Chloé including high-waisted jeans, babydoll dresses, wooden wedge shoes and the padlocked Paddington bag, sometimes cited as the most popular It Bag of all time. Philo’s work at Chloé was free-spirited and fun, with a vintage and careless vibe that hit just the right note in those pre-recession days. During her successful time at Chloé she was presented with the British Designer of the year award.