Online High-End Resale

Maryam Sarreshteh was born and raised in Iran. Love took her to Minneapolis, where she continued her career as a graphic designer for retailers like Target. In 2007, she gave birth to twins and wanted to find a flexible job so that she could spend more time at home with her kids. She began selling their unworn clothing items on eBay during their naptime, and quickly realized her potential business model. In just a few years, Solidago has become an ever-expanding network of closets so filled to the brim that we moved from the basement to a warehouse!

“Maryam takes the guilt out of purging our closets. She helps me stay organized and clutter-free each season, and we get more money back than we would if we had brought things to a local consignment store. I spend a lot on designer clothes for my family and Maryam’s clients reach all over the world. She even helped me sell a Vera Wang formal gown to someone in Germany! I would’ve never been able to do that without her help!
— Anna/ Individual Consigner
Not sure what I would do without Solidago. Honestly, it has saved my life and my closet. What I love most is that I don’t have to think about it at all. I just pack up what no longer works in my closet (and even my son’s closet) and drop it off. Then Maryam works her magic, sells all of my items, and sends me a check. It’s simple, satisfying, and really makes my life much lighter and brighter. I have tried a lot of consignment options and Solidago is above and beyond the rest.
— Ella/ Individual Consigner
I have worked with Solidago for several years. Maryam’s attention to detail and knowledge of luxury goods’ resale value sets her apart from the rest. I have come back time and again with retail and personal consignment and my expectations are always surpassed. She is honest, effective, and delightful- a pleasure to do business with in a complex world.
— Carrie/ retailer & Individual Consigner
As the owner of a small luxury boutique, Solidago has been a great resource for us to liquidate inventory from past seasons. They eliminate the fuss of selling online and allow us to focus on our current merchandise. They are very professional and often are able to sell our things at a better margin than we would have in-store on sale. Solidago has cultivated a loyal client base over the years that appreciates the big name designers we carry as well as the more obscure lines we offer.
— nancy/ Retailer
Solidago is invaluable to my business. We often have inventory left over after our final markdown at sale time, and rather than selling those items for deep discounts and eroding our margins, we ship everything off to Maryam. Solidago has a great sell-through for our product. Moreover, working with them helps clean up our stock room and floor to get ready for new merchandise and start the season fresh! Maryam and her team are so amazing to work with that I began consigning pieces from my personal wardrobe, as well.
— Courtney/ retailer & individual consigner